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June 2018

Beach Day Essentials

The beach is a place our family holds near and dear.  There are so many memories of us spending long days with our parents and grandparents playing in the ocean, body surfing and building sandcastles. There might have been a few dunks in there, but we won’t name any names!

Each summer we try to spend what time we can together as a big group. Work and scheduling make it a bit more difficult but when we are there together, it’s so fun! Between the three sisters, we have SIX kids! Ahhh, the energy is HIGH and the volume is LOUD! Two items that are perfect for the beach. So, along with energy and squeals, we’re sharing with you several of our beach essentials for those long days.

1. Blue Lizard Mineral-Based Sunscreen: We honestly don’t leave home without it and have been using Blue Lizard Sunscreen for years! We – as in the entire family – started using it when it was recommended by both our Pediatrician and Dermatologist for Avery.  Blue Lizard Sunscreens are mineral-based, water resistant and SPF 30.  This formula is thick but goes on smooth! Which is exactly what you want when you are applying for a long day in the sun.  We’ve recommended Blue Lizard Sunscreen to many of our friends and family and they have come to love it as much as we have. We haven’t had any adverse reactions while using either. Oh, the great part is that more and more retailers are picking the brand up and Blue Lizard has 7 formulas to choose from – including one made for babies, and one for kids! That’s a good sunscreen, right!  We noticed that Wal Mart carries it in their stores now, so YAY for convenience! (Click here to look through all of Blue Lizard’s options!)

2. Elta MD UV Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 – If you are prone to breakouts, this is the best product EVER! It feels super light on your face and won’t clog your pores!  We use this product every day – we just put it on before our makeup and we are off!  Elta MD offers both clear and tinted versions, which is great depending on which type of makeup you like to use. (We also noticed that Blue Lizard now has a sunscreen made specifically for your face that includes moisturizing hyaluronic acid and isn’t supposed to clog your pores.  We can’t wait it out!)


3. Coola Mineral Liplux SPF 30 – We can’t forget our lips when it comes to sun protection! We have fallen in love with COOLA Mineral Liplux with SPF 30. This amazing lip balm adds a hint of color while protecting and conditioning your lips. The best part, it’s 70% Organic. Honestly, this is not just saved for the beach or pool days.


4. Lands’ End Rash Guard – For the most part, if we are in the sun and not under a tent, we have a rash guard on. Hot right?! Ha!! We take skin protection very seriously considering skin cancer runs in our family. There are sooo many cute options. Lately, I have stuck with solids, strictly because I feel they are a bit more versatile with my current suit bottoms. Avery and I just received these from Lands’ End. This is the second time I have ordered a rash guard from Lands’ End and they are wonderfully made. The material is not too thick and quite comfortable. You may want to size down. I am wearing an XS in the picture and could have fit an XXS but like mine a bit loose. (Click here for Karrie’s Land’s End rash guard – Avery’s can be found below!)


5. Floppy Hat – We have raved about this floppy hat before as it adds a bit of style to your day while providing the protection you need to your face and neck. Plus, it is a game changer on the windy beach due to the adjustable strap. You can tighten the strap and this hat will withstand some pretty high winds or some pretty high speed games of tag.

Now that we’ve shared a few of our sunny day beach must haves with you, please feel free to comment and let us know a few of yours! You also can follow us on Bloglovin’.

Happy Summering!

Summers at the Beach

We were blessed to grow up spending our summers in North Myrtle Beach.  Mom picked us up the last day of school, the van was packed and we were off!  Dad would always join us on the weekends and we would celebrate with games of putt-putt and cookouts.  There are so many amazing memories we have from those summers.  Days and days spent on the beach with some sandwiches and crackers thrown into the beach bag, stacks of books being read, playing paddle ball, and going “shrimping”.  (“Shrimping” is when we would throw on some old shoes and head down to the marsh a couple of blocks away with a shrimp net. A dirty, smelly job, but we always walked away covered in marsh mud, laughing, and with a bucket of shrimp!)  Now that we are moms, we are determined to make the same memories for our sweet babies, so you may be seeing quite a few pictures fromm North Myrtle Beach in the coming weeks!

I don’t think you can spend that much time in Myrtle Beach without developing an appreciation for Shag.  I love the music, I love the retro Shag style, and I love the dance.  Unfortunately, even though I took Shag as a dance elective in college, I can still only do the basic steps!  So when I saw this lightweight gingham top in J.Crew Factory, I HAD to get it!  Paired with these amazingly comfy Winnie pants (also from J.Crew Factory – you can NEVER go wrong at this store!), add these Lucky Brand distressed denim sandals, and I can almost hear “Stagger Lee” by Lloyd Price playing in the background.  If you are asking yourself, “What is Stagger Lee?” or “Who is Lloyd Price?” right now, I beg you to PLEASE Google – you will not be disappointed!  The entire outfit is flattering and comfortable for any body type!  And for those moms out there – it is very “mom-friendly”.  You can chase those kids around all day without getting overheated, or having to worry about showing too much skin when bending over!

Wishing everyone a very happy summer filled with memories!  We are off to the Ocean Drive so we can listen to some music and watch the pros Shag (and yes, we will probably get out there and embarrass ourselves too)!


Pretty Polka Dots

Can you believe we are halfway through June already? I’m still adjusting to the fact that we went from cool to super hot here in the Carolinas. So much so, that I just completely transitioned to my summer clothes two weeks ago.  What I remembered when I finally did pull out my summer wear…I got rid of a lot of my summer tops due to stains, holes or them just looking well worn. I’m taking that it meant it was a summer well lived, right?! With all that said, I have been on the hunt for some tops. I was so excited to find this flattering tie-waisted top from Express. The material is thick enough where it doesn’t show every unflattering bump and it provides some substance in the cooler air conditioned places. The polka dots have both white and pink that contrast nice with black. I absolutely love this fit! I may go back and get the same top in solid blush and white! This top can be dressed up or down depending on the the occasion. It worked perfectly for a dinner out at the beach and I already have plans to wear this to an upcoming business luncheon.

Next up, the pants. I was super hesitant to purchase a pair of white ones not only because of the kids messy little fingers, but also from my clumsy hands. My husband has asked me to get a pair the last few seasons and when I saw these were on sale at Old Navy, I caved. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Mid-Rise Super Skinny Rockstar style on and they fit amazingly well! They had just the right amount of give while keeping their shape. I wore them out to dinner and the material was not too thick for the summer beach heat. Plus, the price tag didn’t break the bank ($29.00). Thank you Old Navy!


Father’s Day Tie – Free Printable

These adorable ties are an easy and quick way to help involve your kids in celebrating Father’s Day!  The kids got a kick out of answering the questions – and we got a good laugh too at some of their answers!  We can’t wait for our husbands to read these tomorrow.  These could be great for table decoration, to tie onto a gift, or to decorate Dad’s neck!  Follow these quick and easy instructions below to make these adorable additions to your family’s Father’s Day celebration.  Check out the instructions and free printables below.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 sheet of craft paper (or your could use a blank sheet of paper and let your child design the tie!)
  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • ribbon (the exact length will depend on how you are using the tie – whether you are tying around Dad’s neck, or a gift)


1. Print the PDF file titled “Happy Father’s Day Tie Front” on your craft paper.  Make sure you print this on the BACK of your craft paper.  Click Happy Father’s Day Tie Front to print.

2. Print the PDF file titled “Happy Father’s Day Tie Back” onto your cardstock.  Click Happy Father’s Day Tie Back to print.


3. Cut out each tie.


4. Use your hole puncher to punch out the small circles on the top of each tie.

5. Have your child answer the questions on the provided lines.  If your child is too small to write, you can help them write their answers – Dad will still get a kick out of reading their answers!

6. Stack the ties, with the craft paper tie on top.  Take one end of your ribbon and run it through the holes on your ties (if you run it through the front of the ties, then wrap around the back and back through the other hole, you will see less ribbon).


Voila!  You are DONE!  Super easy and quick way to have the kiddos join in on preparing for Father’s Day!  We hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow!



Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget


As busy gals sometimes that right-around-the-corner event sneaks up FAST.  In case that event may be Father’s Day on June 17, we’ve got you! We put together a few ideas that the fathers in our life love or would like. This will cover the tech savvy dad and the dad that’s still a kid at heart.  You may even notice a few Star Wars themed items (yes, we are excited).  We’ve included a variety of price points, too. Please share any ideas that you may have found. We all would love to hear them!

1-Superman T-Shirt ($10.00 – orig $12.99): For the SuperDad in your life, sporting this T-shirt will let him wear his badge LOUD and PROUD.  The best part?  Target has it on sale for $10.00!

2-Star Wars Mug ($12.99): This mug is for that Sci-Fi dad that needs a little pick me up in the morning.  Not only will he get his caffeine buzz, but he will also start his day knowing he is the best dad in the galaxy.

3-Apple 3-in-1 Charging Stand Dock ($17.99): For the Apple dad that has all the gadgets, this docking station is an excellent way to keep his items organized and charged.  If you are only searching for a charging stand for the Apple Watch and iPhone, check out and shop Amazon’s other option HERE.

4-QALO Men’s Wedding Ring ($19.99): If the dad in your life is on the go, whether it be to the gym, working in the yard, or camping, this rubber wedding band is a safe and comfortable alternative to the metal wedding bands that can sometimes get in the way.

5-Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition Monopoly Board Game ($36.90): Our hubbies are addicted to Game of Thrones (almost as much as we are), so when we found this GOT themed Monopoly game, we thought this could be the perfect addition to game night.

6-Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker ($38.99-$47.99): For the coffee loving dad in your life, this Chemex is the perfect gift!  This pour-over carafe is not only beautiful to look at, but it also delivers some strong coffee that is perfectly brewed and can be the perfect kickstart to your day!  Want to see this baby in action?  Check out this Peter McKinnon video HERE of him making coffee using the Chemex.  Thanks, @petermckinnon, for introducing us to this coffee making masterpiece! (If you purchase the Chemex at Bed, Bath and Beyond, don’t forget to use your 20% off coupon!)

7-Reef Men’s Marbea SL Flip Flops ($39.99): These Reefs are not only comfortable, but they are the sandals that can be dressed up or down.  Who doesn’t need a reliable pair of flops?

8-Fire TV Cube ($119.99): This highly anticipated item will not be released until June 21, but is available for pre-order now on Amazon.  The Fire TV Cube allows you to communicate with Alexa and play music from across the room, just like the Echo, but now you can control your TV and sound bar just by using voice commands.  For any TV lover or techy, this will be a great addition to their media collection.

9-LEGO Apollo NASA Saturn V Building Kit ($119.99): This Lego set is perfect for any space lover.  Once it’s 1,969 pieces are assembled, it will stand over 3 feet tall and will be the perfect display of your man’s architectural skills (for the man cave or office of course).

10-Sonos One ($149.00): The Sonos One speaker will stream his favorite music via Wi-Fi. It’s compact size will allow him to easily add it to his office or man cave.

11-Apple EarPods ($159.99): The Apple EarPods are a perfect addition your Dad’s Apple suite of products.  And we SHOULD point out, it can work with any blue tooth enabled device. So even if he has an Android, these will work.  Both our guys give these two thumbs up!

12- Cole Haan Men’s GrandPro Tennis Sneakers ($170.00): A pair of these sneakers is nice mash-up of dress and comfort. Not a bad purchase for your man who likes to mix business with pleasure.

13- Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera ($199.00): This version of the Ring security line offers two-way talk, a siren alarm, and works with Alexa. We received this camera for Christmas and it is amazing. I have been able to accept packages and respond to random salesman without going to the door.

14-LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter ($199.99): Solo – A Star Wars Story looks to be one of the must-see summer movies. This large scale recreation of the Classic Star Fighter says “I love you” 1,685 times. Let’s get to building guys!

15-Apple Watch Series 3 ($309.00): Run NOW! Apple watches are on sale for $50 off at Best Buy. This is something that we got for our Mom on Mother’s Day.  And we admit – we are JEALOUS!  We are able to reach her anytime now – no more of this, “I left my phone at my desk, in my car, etc.”  Woo hoo!

16-DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter ($845.01): Remote control anything is exactly what a dad needs. Why not get him something that can capture those family moments in a cool way?  Yes, we are looking out for you to Momma.

17-Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Extended Range Electric Skateboard ($1,399.44) The Boosted board is a gift that will put a little wind in your SuperDad’s hair. With speeds up to 25 miles an hour, maybe we should have included some of our favorite hair gel.  And don’t forget a safety helmet.

We hope you found these gift ideas helpful and that your family has a wonderful Father’s Day!

Green Lacy V-Neck Dress

This dress from J.Crew Factory is the answer to our Spring prayers!  The green color is perfect for the season and looks great with both of our complexions.  The best feature of the dress is the ability give us shape with the cinched waist, but it billows out enough around the hips and chest to hide any problem areas.  The textured fabric is AMAZING because not only does it add to the cuteness factor of the dress, but it is also better at hiding wrinkles – WOO HOO!  We are all about the scalloped edge on this dress (why does everything look cuter with a scalloped edge??), and the length hits perfectly right above the knee.  It shows some leg, without us having to worry about showing a little too much if we need to bend over to help the kiddos out.  This dress gets two thumbs up – wear it on a date night, to Sunday brunch, or to go shopping!