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August 2018

Hair How To: Beach Waves & Perfect Pony

We are so excited to introduce our new series, Barstool Banter! We will talk to the experts on different topics and will be posting our interviews on IGTV. Take a look and we hope you learn something new!

Great Hair, We’re There

In a dream world, fantastic looking hair just happens as you jump out of bed. In everyday life, we all know there are tricks to getting great looking hair. But HOW do we get this amazing hair? We spent a couple of hours with one of our favorite stylists getting tips for the beautiful beach waves that everyone wants and a quick tutorial for a perfect stylish pony. Check out our IGTV video for our complete interview, and for quick reference we’ve noted the “highlights” below.

Let’s first introduce the expert, Michael Weston. Michael is a stylist with 8 The Salon located in The Village at SouthPark in Charlotte, NC. He has been working professionally for almost 8 years and is amazing at both cut and color.  He is originally from Maine, but now calls Charlotte home. Lucky us!!  We’ve been seeing him for going on over 3 years now and can’t say enough good things about him.


The Beautiful Beach Waves

Michael started with tips and tricks for perfect beach waves. We ALL want them, so here’s how:

  • He advises a 1 inch curing wand (a flat iron may be better for above the shoulder hair).
  • Separate your hair into sections and subsections.
  • Before curling, apply a light hold hair spray to maintain the curl.
  • Start with the bottom layer of hair (top should be sectioned up) at the back of your head, and work towards your face.  After you complete the bottom layer of hair, take another small section from the top layer and repeat.
  • Once you have completely curled hair, grab smaller pieces around your head and curl these smaller pieces to give a more natural look.
  • After curling, apply a dry texturizing spray – this will give the hair more body.


The Flirty, Fun (and easy) Pony Updo

We all want a quick style that looks like we spent hours on it! Watch the tutorial on IGTV as the steps below may now tell the story on just how easy this is!

  • Section your hair where you part at the top of the head and behind the ear.
  • Put the remaining hair that is left in the back section into ponytail.
  • For the remaining hair on the front of the head that is down, use a texture spray to give it height and body.
  • Take a Mohawk section (the top middle section of hair) and back comb this hair. PS, do more back combing than you normally would. More is better!
  • Back comb the side sections. This adds volume to the side of your head to give a more proportioned look.
  • Apply spray to each section.
  • Then smoothly comb all loose hair back to form one ponytail.
  • Grab a clear ponytail holder and pull the new hair plus the established ponytail through to form one large ponytail. This should hide the original rubber band to give a softer, more polished look.
  • To finish the look, pull down a few small pieces of hair around the face.

What’s Up for Hair This Fall?


  • Warmer tones (beiges and neutrals) are always more popular going into the cooler months.
  • Balayage and hand painted highlights. WHY? Because it gives dimension and a cool youthful look. And the best part, it’s LOW maintenance. This means when your roots grow out, it gives the hair a more natural look. This means less trips to the salon!


  • When it comes to cuts… it’s really what works for the individual. Check with your stylist and they can advise on what’s best for your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.
  • Layers are great for long hair, as it helps with weight and curls.
  • Humidity is down in the winter, making winter months a great time for layers.

And please don’t hesitate to call 8 The Salon and request Michael for ANY of your hair needs. He will be able help with the perfect cut or color!

If there is something that you would like to see from us, please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and spending time with us!



Kendra Scott – The Jewelry Completes the Outfit

In each family certain things are passed down. In our family, girls are given a love for jewelry!  Our grandma and mom took the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” literally. We would have so much fun going through their jewelry boxes and trying on their pieces. We still do, if we’re being honest! And for Christmas or a wedding anniversary, a new piece was likely added to their collection. The three of us were even given a ring with three diamonds on our thirteenth birthday to signify the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. With graduation came pearls instead of a class ring if we chose, and diamond earrings on our 21st.   All timeless pieces we still wear today! And the best part, they all have a special meaning.

With all that said, we understand how important jewelry is and how it can complete an outfit.  So let’s talk Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott is a designer that has fashionably timeless pieces in a variety of metals and stones. There is really something for everyone.  I must admit, I had only walked into a Kendra Scott store a few times before this year; however, I have admired her pieces online and had a few on my wishlist. I really started hinting for a piece when Kendra Scott partnered with a charity that I have been involved with for the last few years on a few upcoming fall events. AWESOME, right?!  As I started to look more into Kendra Scott, I learned the company lives by three core values: Family, Fashion and Philanthropy! How can you not want to own a piece to support such a fantastic company!

Well guess what?! I just recently purchased my first Kendra Scott piece!!  It was such a hard decision, but I chose the Adelia Y Necklace in gold. It is a gorgeous necklace that is not only beautiful, but ON TREND! I’ve paired it with several styles and it looks great with each one.

What else did I learn? Girls, pay attention to this one!  During your birth month, customers receive 50% off on one piece (in stores only)! Did you know this? All that is required is an ID proving your birthday and subscribing to their mailing list. I missed it this year, but will be prepared next March! Lucky Maribeth! She has a birthday coming up in September.

If you have a Kendra Scott store in your area, consider yourself lucky. If not, you can see everything online and you won’t be disappointed with the selection. Maribeth and I have highlighted a few of our favorite pieces below: 1 – Diane Gold Statement Earrings

2 – Tess Gold Pendant Necklace

3 – Edie Gold Cuff Bracelet in Iridescent Drusy

4 – Aryn Pendant Necklace

5 – Aragon Gold Drop Earrings in Slate Cats Eye

6 – Fern Pendant Necklace in Gold

7 – Phillipa Gold Chain Bracelet in Iridescent Drusy

8 – Kingston Gold Long Pendant Necklace

9 –Emmet Gold Statement Earrings

One last thing (and so important to me). If you are interested in an amazing 501(c)3 charity/ ministry that provides orphan, medical and dental care to youth, please check out Give Hope Global. Give Hope Global not only reaches and supports youth in Haiti and Ghana, but also partners with Urban Promise right here in Charlotte, NC. More to come on this later.

Thank you so much for stopping by. We appreciate you!