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November 2018

Graphic Tee Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, and ’tis the season to find your loved ones gifts that show them how much you care.  What better gift than a graphic tee that describes them to a T – see what we did there?!?  Graphic tees are cute, comfy, and can show a little insight into a person’s personality.  We have categorized some graphic tee selections to make it easier to find the perfect shirt for that special someone in your life – or for yourself!


Because coffee gets us through the day, we decided to share two shirts dedicated to our caffeine addiction!

First I Drink the Coffee, Then I do the Things, Etsy – JLaw Creations, $23.00

Caffeine Sips and Target Trips, Etsy – Work It Wear, $20.00



Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me I am Beautiful,  Etsy – The White Invite Gifts, $18.99

You Had Me at Pizza, Etsy – Cube Shirts, $24.00


Girl Boss, Etsy – Daydream Design US, $23.95



Grateful, Thankful, Blessed, Etsy – JLaw Creations, $12.00


For every busy mom out there, this shirt is for you!

Mom Hustle, Etsy – Life With Sunshine, $19.00


Wine Because it’s Not Good to Keep Things Bottled Up, Etsy – JLaw Creations, $23.00

This Wine is Making Me Awesome, Pink Lily Boutique, $26.00


If I Can’t Bring My Dog, I’m Not Going, Etsy – Rabbit Print, $19.99


I Can’t, I Have Plans With My Cat, Etsy – Lunar Habits Apparel, $24.99 (ON SALE for $19.99)


The Grey’s Anatomy fan in your life, will probably love this shirt because #McDreamyForever!

It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives, Etsy – After Color, $23.00 (ON SALE for $20.70)


This Game of Thrones sweatshirt is super cute and absolutely perfect for this time of year!  Fingers crossed this ends up under the tree!

Winter is Coming, Etsy – Sugar Bae Wear, $27.00 (ON SALE for $24.30)


There were SO many amazing Gilmore Girls options, but this is where it all began…

Luke’s Diner Hoodie, Etsy – Good For Nothing Studio, $29.00 (ON SALE for $24.73)


The antics of Jim and Dwight were endless, and The Office lover will totally laugh over this tshirt!  Trust us!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, Etsy – Camisa Co, $22.99


And the shirt that inspired this blog post, is the one that always makes us giggle!  If you know someone that loves Parks and Recreation, they will no doubt love this shirt that honors the late Li’l Sebastion.  They will probably even break into Mouse Rat’s “Bye, Bye Li’l Sebastian” song, or solemnly say “10,000 candles in the wind” when they see this tee.

I Met Li’l Sebastian at the Pawnee Harvest Festival, Wal Mart, $24.90

We hope you found the perfect gift idea for someone on your list!  Good luck with your holiday shopping and thanks for stopping by!



Gifts To Simplify Your Life

The holidays are in FULL swing, so we are busy prepping for Christmas! It is our tradition to go Black Friday shopping and we look forward to it every year! Unfortunately, the Black Friday sales are now creeping into our Thursday festivities so we realize that we may miss a deal or two. And with the number of deals to be had, there must be a strategy to our shopping game. While looking through the upcoming sales flyers, it came to us….we would love gifts that have purpose and simplify things. These items are not only awesome, but they will definitely make your life easier on some level!

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, many stores have started their Black Friday sales early and they are going on now! This is great news for those that want to get shopping done ahead of time, don’t want to fight the crowds and stay at home to shop with a glass of wine. Yes please!

Gifts to Simplify Your Life 

iRobot Roomba 695 at Kohls $299 (Org. $579.99 – Available Now $254.99 until November 23 using code JOY, and you receive $75 of Kohl’s Cash). Who doesn’t want to check something off their to-do list without actually doing it! We both have added this to our lists. Fingers crossed.

Instant Pot, Duo 6 Qt 7-in-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker at Belk $69.99  (Org. $129.99Available on Black Friday). I (Karrie) can attest, the InstantPot is amazing! One great meal in so little time! There are hundreds of wonderful recipes on Pinterest. I plan on sharing some of my favorites in the new year.

KitchenAid Professional 5 Qt Mixer at Target $219.99 (Org. $449.99. Available Black Friday to everyone. Available today to REDCard holders.) We both have a KitchenAid mixer and it’s a must to make holiday baking a breeze. RUN because this is a rare deal on this mixer!

Pajama Pants at GAP $15 (Org. $30. Available NOW through Black Friday!) If your man is happy and relaxed, you are too! There are several patterns to choose from and if you don’t like flannels, you can choose from several other styles of pajama pants at 50% off! Great deal!!

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with All-New Alexa Voice Remote, Black at Best Buy $35 (Org. $49.99. Available NOW through Black Friday.) Quickly and easily launch all your favorite movies and TV shows with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Perfect Plaid Scarf at GAP $10 (Org. $34.95. Available NOW through Black Friday while supplies last). Scarves are the perfect accessory that can pull your winter look together.

Morphe 9 Piece Vegan Brush Set at Ulta $19.99 (Org. $39.99. Available Black Friday). There’s nothing better than a new set of brushes in ONE place! These are vegan and come with a cute case that keeps all of your brushes in one place. No rummaging through your drawer looking for that one brush you need!

Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker at Kohls $59.99 (Org. $99.99. Available Now until November 23 using code JOY, and you receive $15 of Kohl’s Cash). No more begging to put those iPad’s down when you make moving fun by setting physical activity goals and allowing them to earn rewards for their achievements. Way to go mom!

Giant Jenga Game at Target $39.99.  (Orig. $79.99. Available Black Friday). Need a way to sneak in more quality time? Get a GIANT game!  Our kids love this one so much, they always ask to play more than one round!

We hope these suggestions can help simplify your life in the new year!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!







3 Thanksgiving Family Activities

We love Thanksgiving because it is a time to get together with family and friends.  For those of you that are young at heart, or have young ones to entertain, it is always fun to incorporate games or activities.  We have learned that the holidays run a bit more smoothly if the kids are happy and entertained, so we have compiled a list of three fun kid-friendly activities for your family to enjoy this Thanksgiving!

Turkey Hunt

This is a fun game that your kids (and maybe even the adults!) will love to play!  I have a feeling that we will be playing this game more than once at our Thanksgiving celebration!

1 – Before your guests arrive, CLICK HERE to print the cards for the game.  Then, cut on the lines.  Keep in mind, it is easier for your little ones to find the turkeys if you use bright colored paper!

2 – Pick one person to be the leader of the game.  This could be either an adult, or an older child.  The leader of the game is responsible for hiding the turkeys for the other players to find, and for keeping score.

3 – You can either have the children look for the turkeys on their own, or put them in pairs.  I prefer to put them in pairs so the older child can help the younger one during their hunt.

4 – Each time a player finds a turkey, they must run their card back to the leader before hunting for more cards.  The leader will be keeping tally of how many turkeys each person (or pair) finds.

5 –  Once all the cards are found, have the leader declare a winner!


Turkey Hats

These hats are fun to make, and ADORABLE photo ops!  Did we mention they keep the kiddos busy?  Hallelujah for quiet time when you are trying to prepare for your guests – or just enjoy some adult conversation!  We have included templates for the turkey’s body that you can print, as well as instructions on how to make these cute little hats.


-party hat, 1 per person (I got mine at the Dollar Tree.  They did not have solid colors, but since most of the hat will be covered, I didn’t mind!)

-feathers (you could also make your own feathers out of paper, but I picked these feathers up at Wal Mart)

-large wiggly eyes, 2 per person (if the wiggly eyes are a choking hazard for your child, you can draw the eyes)

-orange card stock, 1 sheet will make the beaks and legs for 2 turkeys

-brown card stock, 1 sheet will make the bodies for 2 turkeys

-plain white paper, 1 sheet per person





1 – CLICK HERE to download the file for the legs and beaks.  Print this file on orange card stock.  If you do not have orange card stock, you could print on plain white paper and have the children color the legs and beak orange – and let’s be honest, this is one more step to keep them busy!!  Cut out legs and beaks.  Fold the legs accordion style, and fold the beak in half.

2 – CLICK HERE to download the file for the turkey’s body.  Print onto brown card stock.  If you do not have brown card stock, you could print on plain white paper and have them color their turkey’s body.  Older children may have more fun coloring it themselves, so they can give their turkey a more unique look!  Cut out the bodies.

3 – Glue wiggly eyes and beak onto the turkey’s face.

3 – On the plain sheet of white paper, make the turkey’s wings by tracing their hands.  An older child or adult can assist with this step.  After the wings have been colored, cut them out.

4 –  Now that you have all of different pieces of the turkey’s body cut out, glue them onto the turkey.

  • Start by gluing on the body in the middle of the hat.
  • Glue the wings on either side of the turkey’s body.  It works best if you glue the palms onto the hat, but bend the fingers out so that they stick out on either side of the body.
  • Glue the feathers on the back of the turkey, so that the tail feathers stick up behind the turkey’s head.
  • Glue the legs on either side of the turkey’s body, they should frame the person’s face when the hat is being worn.

5 – Once dry, wear your turkey hat and get some super cute photo ops!

**If you have younger children, it is much easier to have everything cut out before they begin the project, then you can help them assemble the pieces.

Thanksgiving Tree

We decided to create a Thanksgiving Tree to remind us of the many good things in our lives!  I have loved watching our tree fill with blessings!  There are two different ways you can use a Thanksgiving Tree this season:

1 – We have gradually been adding leaves to ours leading up to Thanksgiving day.  Each person has been pinning a blessing to the tree at breakfast and at dinner.  On Thanksgiving morning, we will read our slips of paper aloud over breakfast, and kick off our day appreciative of the good things in our lives!

2 –  If you choose to include this in your Thanksgiving celebration, you can have each guest fill out one or more slips upon arrival and pin them on the tree.   Later, you can read these slips aloud (if you fill them out anonymously, you can even turn it into a game and try to guess which person contributed the blessing being read!)


– vase

– branches (how many will depend on how full you want your tree to be – I took my vase with me into the yard as I collected branches)

– mini clothes pins

– material for leaves – I chose to use a fabric that had plastic lining

– hot glue gun and glue sticks

– scissors

– white piece of paper

– ribbon to tie around vase (optional)


1 – Arrange the branches in your vase.  I chose to tie a ribbon around my vase for a little extra decoration.

2 – Cut out leaves and hot glue them onto the clothespins.  CLICK HERE  to print a template for the maple leaves that go on the tree.

3 – Cut small slips of paper.  I used long narrow slips, because these would not show behind the leaves once they were pinned on the tree.

4 – Write your blessing onto a slip of paper, fold the slip, and pin it onto the tree.

5 – Watch your tree fill with blessings!

**Another option would be to cut the leaves out of paper and write the blessings directly onto the leaves.  Then you can tie them onto the tree with string.  I chose to use fabric and clothespins so that I can reuse them every year!

We hope you enjoy these suggestions for your Thanksgiving celebration!  We would love to see your pictures if you choose to include these ideas when you get together with family or friends.  Just use the hashtag #2styleavenuethanksgiving on instagram so we can find you!  Wishing everyone an amazing holiday filled with love and laughter!