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Beach Day Essentials

The beach is a place our family holds near and dear.  There are so many memories of us spending long days with our parents and grandparents playing in the ocean, body surfing and building sandcastles. There might have been a few dunks in there, but we won’t name any names!

Each summer we try to spend what time we can together as a big group. Work and scheduling make it a bit more difficult but when we are there together, it’s so fun! Between the three sisters, we have SIX kids! Ahhh, the energy is HIGH and the volume is LOUD! Two items that are perfect for the beach. So, along with energy and squeals, we’re sharing with you several of our beach essentials for those long days.

1. Blue Lizard Mineral-Based Sunscreen: We honestly don’t leave home without it and have been using Blue Lizard Sunscreen for years! We – as in the entire family – started using it when it was recommended by both our Pediatrician and Dermatologist for Avery.  Blue Lizard Sunscreens are mineral-based, water resistant and SPF 30.  This formula is thick but goes on smooth! Which is exactly what you want when you are applying for a long day in the sun.  We’ve recommended Blue Lizard Sunscreen to many of our friends and family and they have come to love it as much as we have. We haven’t had any adverse reactions while using either. Oh, the great part is that more and more retailers are picking the brand up and Blue Lizard has 7 formulas to choose from – including one made for babies, and one for kids! That’s a good sunscreen, right!  We noticed that Wal Mart carries it in their stores now, so YAY for convenience! (Click here to look through all of Blue Lizard’s options!)

2. Elta MD UV Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 – If you are prone to breakouts, this is the best product EVER! It feels super light on your face and won’t clog your pores!  We use this product every day – we just put it on before our makeup and we are off!  Elta MD offers both clear and tinted versions, which is great depending on which type of makeup you like to use. (We also noticed that Blue Lizard now has a sunscreen made specifically for your face that includes moisturizing hyaluronic acid and isn’t supposed to clog your pores.  We can’t wait it out!)


3. Coola Mineral Liplux SPF 30 – We can’t forget our lips when it comes to sun protection! We have fallen in love with COOLA Mineral Liplux with SPF 30. This amazing lip balm adds a hint of color while protecting and conditioning your lips. The best part, it’s 70% Organic. Honestly, this is not just saved for the beach or pool days.


4. Lands’ End Rash Guard – For the most part, if we are in the sun and not under a tent, we have a rash guard on. Hot right?! Ha!! We take skin protection very seriously considering skin cancer runs in our family. There are sooo many cute options. Lately, I have stuck with solids, strictly because I feel they are a bit more versatile with my current suit bottoms. Avery and I just received these from Lands’ End. This is the second time I have ordered a rash guard from Lands’ End and they are wonderfully made. The material is not too thick and quite comfortable. You may want to size down. I am wearing an XS in the picture and could have fit an XXS but like mine a bit loose. (Click here for Karrie’s Land’s End rash guard – Avery’s can be found below!)


5. Floppy Hat – We have raved about this floppy hat before as it adds a bit of style to your day while providing the protection you need to your face and neck. Plus, it is a game changer on the windy beach due to the adjustable strap. You can tighten the strap and this hat will withstand some pretty high winds or some pretty high speed games of tag.

Now that we’ve shared a few of our sunny day beach must haves with you, please feel free to comment and let us know a few of yours! You also can follow us on Bloglovin’.

Happy Summering!