Clean Juice Cleanse: An Honest Review


I have known that I needed to hit the reset button on my health for a long time. Before having my daughter, I led an extremely healthy lifestyle. I was very picky about what I ate, and ran every day – even participating in half marathons. However, in the last few years, I have let the chaos life (being a mom, moving, family illness) creep in and suck out my motivation to care for myself. I made sure my daughter ate organic and healthy, but would grab comfort foods for myself, or just skip the meal entirely. This path led me to feeling completely depleted. As I contemplated what I wanted out of 2019, I knew that a healthier me needed to be somewhere on that list. So, when Karrie and I stumbled upon a Clean Juice while out taking blog pictures, I decided that it was time to stop making excuses, and get my body back to healthy. The Clean Juice employees were patient, answered all of my questions about juice cleanses (they have multiple cleanse options), and I went home to do some research. Within a week, I was back at Clean Juice picking up my three day cleanse!



I chose to purchase my juice cleanse from Clean Juice for several reasons. First off, they are organic. If I am cleaning my body, I want clean fuel, so I needed a company that could offer me organic products.

Second, they use cold press to make their juices. This means that they are able to juice without sacrificing nutrients and the integrity of their products. For more information on this process, check here.

And finally, I just liked their customer service. I love when people are kind and respectful, and are able to be informative without being pushy. This is the vibe I got from Clean Juice, and I wanted to be able to support that community.



In a nutshell, a three day juice cleanse is not what I would call easy, but I would say the positives far outweigh the bad! I am extremely pleased and feel I have more energy and mental clarity after my experience. For those of you wanting a more detailed breakdown, I am giving it to you below!




Clean Juice asks that you call 24 hours in advance to order your cleanse. When you arrive, you will pick up three cartons that contain six juices each (see juice descriptions below). The cartons are labeled with numbers on each slot to let your know the order in which you should drink your juice, as well as a list of guidelines to follow during your cleanse. If you have any questions, like I did, the employees will be able to answer them before you leave the store. Click here for a more thorough breakdown offered on Clean Juice‘s website.


WHAT’S IN IT: organic cucumber, organic apple, organic kale, organic spinach, organic mint

POSSIBLE BENEFITS: huge vitamin boost, sharp brain, glowing skin, regulates pH

MY THOUGHTS: This is the perfect drink to start your morning. You definitely taste the greens but the apple adds sweetness, and the mint gives you a great morning pick-me-up.


WHAT’S IN IT: organic carrot, organic pineapple, organic orange, organic turmeric

POSSIBLE BENEFIT: cold and flu protection, happy digestive track, joint and bone pain relief, reduced inflammation

MY THOUGHTS: This is my second favorite juice in the pack. You can taste oranges, carrots and pineapple – but the pineapple gives it the sweetness to balance out the carrot taste. Not only is it yummy, but I love that it adds a burst of nutrients to assist in strengthening your body’s immunity during cold and flu season. I will be stopping by the store to pick this juice up anytime I feel like I might be getting sick.


WHAT’S IN IT: organic cucumber, organic celery, organic spinach, organic kale, organic ginger, organic lemon

POSSIBLE BENEFITS: low sugar/high vitamin boost, hydration, illness protection, antioxidant boost

MY THOUGHTS: This is pretty much like drinking your salad – with no ranch dressing to make it taste better!


WHAT’S IN IT: filtered water, organic lemon, organic maple syrup, organic cayenne

POSSIBLE BENEFITS: intense detox, increased metabolism, lower blood pressure, healthy cell function

MY THOUGHTS: I love Yellow. I do want to warn you that this is not your typical lemonade – it has a kick with the cayenne!


WHAT’S IN IT: organic apple, organic carrot, organic beet, organic lemon

POSSIBLE BENEFITS: boost stamina, improve blood flow, protects skin and eyes, huge vitamin boost

MY THOUGHTS: Okay, I am going to be perfectly honest here. I HATE beets. They taste like dirt to me – which is why this was my absolute least favorite juice. If you like beets, you will like this juice. If you don’t like beets, I suggest you grab a straw and pinch your nose and get ready to drink as fast as you can!


WHAT’S IN IT: organic cashews, filtered water, organic vanilla, organic cinnamon, organic maple syrup, Himalayan pink sea salt

POSSIBLE BENEFITS: good source of protein, healthy muscles, promotes heart health, calm nerves

MY THOUGHTS: My favorite juice hands-down. I looked forward to drinking this tasty beverage ALLLL day long! White tastes like the milk left over after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. If you have never eaten Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or just never sampled the leftover milk, trust me when I say this is beyond delicious! You feel like you are rewarding yourself for sticking to your cleanse, and is the perfect way to end your day!



I started the first day with a cup of organic coffee (which if you are an avid coffee drinker, this is allowed so as to not shock your body, or make the cleanse process more difficult to get through). The morning went pretty easily, however by afternoon I missed food. But, I knew I could pull my big girl panties on and get through the rest of the day. Then came Red… and I swear it almost broke me! My lifetime hatred for beets made me want to throw in the towel, but the dollar signs of what this cleanse had cost me danced before my eyes, and I knew I had to power through and follow the cleanse as directed for the best results. I lay in bed wondering if I had just taken over $150 and thrown it in the trash. I fell asleep with visions of Rice Krispies treats and chocolate chip cookies dancing through my mind.



I woke up energized on Day 2! I am typically very slow-moving in the morning, but I immediately started on my to-do list before my coffee was even ready. Not only did I have more energy, but I was in a better mood! I laughed easier, was slower to get frustrated, and just happier in general. Do I credit this entirely to the cleanse? I honestly have no idea. But I do know that I felt better. This made me realize that there is something in my typical diet that is not working with my body, and I need to be very aware when reintroducing things back into my dietary routine once my cleanse was over.

I will not say Day 2 was a breeze, because that was the day that I missed chewing. Not food really, but the actual act of CHEWING! I was no longer daydreaming about fast food and junk food, but I was dreaming about chewing on something, anything – even if it was a leafy green salad! However, I managed to get through the entire day without cheating (even when I took my niece and daughter out for a special dinner)!



I did not sleep well, so waking up on day three was hard, but I was able to break out of the morning fog easier than I normally do. I did feel the most fatigue on day three, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t hungry and that I got through the day without many temptations. My favorite juices tasted even better (Yellow was definitely competing with Orange for my second favorite drink), but I dreaded the idea of drinking Green and Red. The juice kept me feeling full, and I knew that I was getting the health benefits from the nutrients. This is the day that I realized that I had gotten into a rut of eating what tasted good and not what made me feel good. I know it sounds a little trite, but I had already grown more of an appreciation for the benefits of what I was putting into my body, as opposed to how it tasted going down.



I have more energy and feel better now that I have cleansed. I am not wanting to dive face-first into a plate of a hamburger with french fries like I had been worried about, and I am more likely to lean towards healthier food options. This may be a subconscious decision because I have just gone through three days of not eating and my mind is telling me not to let it all go to waste, but I will take it!

I lost a little over two pounds after completing the three days. Was I hoping for a little more? Yes. However, losing weight was not why I started this cleanse. I did this to hit a reset button on my body – and I feel that it succeeded.



Probably… I am really pleased with the outcome, but I have to be economical. This particular juice cleanse is expensive – it was just over $150, which breaks down to around $50 a day for just me. Yikes! However, I do feel better, and isn’t that the point? I will say this – I am hoping that I can stick to a healthy eating plan, and figure out which foods are making me feel so heavy and groggy so that I can eliminate them from my diet. But, I also know that life is hectic, and I can be honest enough with myself to know that I am going to slip off the healthy eating plan from time to time. Ideally, I would like to do this cleanse once a year to jump start my healthy eating goals.



Please discuss with your doctor before beginning a juice cleanse, especially if you have any current health issues, or eating disorders.

This blog entry was written based off of my personal experience, but everyone’s body is different, and your body may have a different response to a juice cleanse.

If you decide to do a juice cleanse, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. A juice cleanse is not a weight loss program. It is meant to fill your body with nutrients – and will hopefully help you discover if there is something in your diet that may be affecting your daily life.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope my experience has helped any of you that are considering taking the step towards a juice cleanse! Wishing everyone good health this year!

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