My In-Home Teeth Whitening Experience…Did It Work?

I am so excited to share Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system with you as it has been a game changer for my smile. If you’re like me, you have tried teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening pastes through the years and spent lots of money trying to get that perfect white smile. So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned about the Smile Brilliant whitening system and how easy the process was from start to finish. The best part…I can do it all from home.

So here is the skinny…

Smile Brilliant offers an in-home option for professional grade whitening that’s perfect for us that never seem to have enough time for ourselves. To determine the system that is best for you and your whitening goals, you are asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask if you’ve whitened before, the sensitivity level of your teeth, do you drink coffee, tea, smoke, etc.  Easy peasy!

My teeth are sensitive and I was a bit concerned how I would handle the process. I was happy to learn that Smile Brilliant offers a gel for sensitive teeth and they recommend using the provided desensitizing gel after you whiten. This step helps decrease sensitivity and helps prevent re-staining. Awesome!

Once my system arrived in the mail, the first step was to make my dental impressions to create the teeth whitening custom trays. This step was so quick and easy. All you need to do is mix the two putty-like compounds together, place the compound in the mold trays and position over your teeth for a couple of minutes. Detailed instructions with pictures are provided to guide you through the process. Once the molds sit overnight, you mail them back to Smile Brilliant in the provided pre-paid package.

My whitening trays arrived almost 7 business days later.  I started the night they arrived. I only whitened for 45 minutes the first few nights and built up to 1.5 hours after that (per the instructions, you can whiten up to 2 hours). Each night I whitened, I followed with the desensitizing gel. I would highly recommend not skipping this step as it tremendously helped with my sensitivity.  I skipped the desensitizing gel one or two nights and I did notice more sensitivity the next day.

The other “rules” are easy…stay away from coffee, red wine, and other dark drinks that may stain while whitening. I admit, it stinks for a while but is so worth it!

Did it work? YES! I’m so happy with my results!! I came away with whiter teeth, I experienced little to no sensitivity and it was so EASY! I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant for those who may be looking for a convenient teeth whitening solution and would love to hear about your results if you decide to use Smile Brilliant!!

Before: December 11, 2018
After: January 12, 2019

And because I am so pleased with my results, we have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky follower a complimentary teeth whitening kit (valued at $149)!

To enter, complete the entry form here.
We also have a 15% off store wide code: twostyleavenue15

Again, thank you Smile Brilliant for gifting me with a great product and giving a complimentary kit to one follower! Get your entry completed and good luck friends!

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